Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some Vintage Lovelies

Getting into vintage style has really brought out my girly side; I've always been awkwardly proportioned (I am very tall and most of my height comes from my long torso), and older-styled clothes tend to fit me much better. The higher waists of the skirts that I've been wearing lately have made me feel a lot more comfortable about my body, since there aren't any unsightly lumps caused by a space between where the blouse ends and the skirt begins. It's nearly impossible for me to find shirts long enough to wear my skinny jeans with their very low waists! Also, I don't have to worry as much about a dress I buy being super short (often a dress that looks normal length on a model will be super short on me!) SO, coming around to the point, I've become a lot more comfortable being girly and wearing more colorful clothes....but I've realized, I own almost NO jewelry whatsoever. Now I don't really care about owning nice, expensive jewelry - I'd just like to be able to accessorize some of my outfits.

I ElDoradoClub necklace. It was on my Christmas list in '07 and I never got it =(

I've been spending some time recently looking for a reasonably priced hair comb. I'm not sure how well I'd know how to use it, but I really want one. (This one's from rosebudcottage's etsy)

I adore these pretty earrings from All Things Original

And it seems to me that a pearl necklace goes very well with a lot of vintage clothing
This one is from jewelryland's etsy (fake, of course. Maybe someday I'll have some real nice ones...)
As you can probably tell, I'm not necessarily at a point in my life where I dress completely sophisticated. I still enjoy some tacky and kitshcy things!



  1. you are off to a fabulous start! it's amazing how the right accessories can completely change an outfit. i love the hair combs and necklaces you showed in your post. i say go for it and splurge! but i will warn you ahead of time, it's so addicting!! :-) have a great week!

  2. Those pearls! I've always have a particular fondness of pearls, even though most of the time I really do not care for jewelry. These look lovely! :)

  3. I love that first necklace with the swallows/sparrows and those earrings!

  4. What a throughly lovely selection of pieces! That first necklace is stunning! I think that highly sophisticated pieces of jewelry have their place, but a sense of fun, personal style is really important too.

    Wishing you a gorgeous week!
    ♥ Jessica