Monday, August 31, 2009

Days of Being Wild

Summer has come to an end for me, I'm afraid. I began my senior year of undergrad last Monday, and I haven't had much time for this blog. I'm not giving up on it by any means, I just won't likely be posting that often. I've still been enjoying reading everyone elses blogs, even if I haven't had time to comment (I've often been reading them while brushing my teeth or right as I'm about to fall asleep). The weather here is exquisite; reaching 75 midday with a nice fall breeze (and not even September!). This is Virginia, after all, so I'm sure there will be a couple more scorchers before summer hangs its head.
I never officially posted an end of summer to-do list, like the lovely Bug, but I was feeling quite spontaneous yesterday, and as I was sure it was to be one of the most beautiful days of the year, I went adventuring with my boyfriend. Two places I normally go every summer are Humpback Rock and Chiles' Peach Orchard. And off we went!

No pictures of the peach orchard I'm afraid. I got to have my favorite thing in the entire world though- Chiles' Peach Frozen Yogurt!!! I love peach ice cream so much, and every time I get it I say "Screamy Mimi screams for peach ice cream!" and my boyfriend looks at me like I'm crazy. I asked my Mom and it is apparently from a book I had as a child:

Haha on Amazon it says "a great book for loud children" ...I'll have to ask my Mother about that one...

Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I love clothes, but they don't love me back

Fall is my absolute favorite season. All of my best childhood memories take place in fall; from elementary school trips to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch to my very favorite holiday, Halloween. All this blogging about fall fashion wish lists has me quite excited, but also quite frustrated.

I am the worst girl I know at finding clothes.

I have always been oddly proportioned, but the weight I've gained this past year has brought me down to an all-time low self-esteem wise. I have a very long torso, so I can't find shirts long enough, and when I wear jeans I spill over the top with no shirt to cover it! None of my clothes seem to fit right, and when I shop I can't seem to find any either. The summertime, in a way, is easier for me because my temporary solution has been to simply wear dresses. Unfortunately, when I'm not done up in vintage wear, I'm very much a jeans girl, so I haven't felt comfortable in clothing (or my skin for that matter) in quite a while now. And so, I dedicate this post to all tall women who have a hard time finding clothes. I'm trying to develop a plan to find clothes that are flattering to me. So far, I've been on the lookout for very long shirts that don't hug the body, but also don't hang like a baby-doll top so that I look pregnant underneath. This has proved to be quite the daunting and difficult task! Second, I'm searching for warm, opaque colored tights so that I can continue to wear dresses and higher-waisted skirts. If anyone has any advice for me, I'd love to hear it!

L.A. Lacer Top at ModCloth
Opaque Tights at Urban Outfitters
Hey, Sailor Ladies Top at emandsprout's etsy

So that's my strategy...Now, just have to wait until my student loans come in so I can afford new clothes...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fisherman's Island Wildlife Refuge: A Journey in Pictures

Driving over the 17 mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I love this bridge, and was determined to cross it at some point in my vacation (despite the steep toll). As I love being spontaneous, I had no plans whatsoever for once we reached the Eastern Shore.

We could see Fisherman's Island and the Cape Charles lighthouse (I have a kind of obsession with lighthouses). Once we got off the bridge, I spotted a sign for a wildlife refuge, and we decided to go explore. There was a nice visitors center/museum with a nice older man there to guide us to a walking path. Walks and hikes are my absolute favorite thing, so I was very excited, even though it was probably 97 degrees!

A sampling of the wildlife (minus me of course). One of the best parts was walking in some sort of tunnel area that was full of barn swallow nests. I saw baby swallows being fed by their mommies! Looking over into the marsh, it looked like the muddy ground was moving. It turned out to be hundreds of tiny crabs scurrying about. The refuge is famous for its birds, and we stood looking for them for quite some time. We ended up spotting a few herons, egrets, and hawks. Along the path was the biggest blackberry patch I'd ever seen. I was picking them and eating them the whole time we were walking. My boyfriend was entirely grossed out by this; "ew how can you eat that in the wild, how do you know it's not poison??" I suppose we were raised quite differently haha.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

....Wherever It May Take You

I may be back from my vacation, but with no home, I suppose I am still traveling. I have found myself for several weeks now longing for some vintage luggage. Perhaps a rugged plastic Samsonite with a matching train case? Etsy has a bunch of great options...if only I could afford one.

Top Left: Great Little Overnight Case 15.00$ at Angie's Closet
Center Left: The Tomato Red Vintage Suitcase 44.00$ at jessjamesjake
Bottom Left: Vintage Royal Traveler Robin's Egg Suitcase 42.00$ at adVintageous
Top Right: Vintage American Tourister Weekender Suitcase 48.00$ at VintageNinaRamone
Bottom Right: Vintage Featherlite Blue Train Case 15.00$ at VintageNinaRamone


This is a rant.

I have returned from vacation, not to a state of normalcy, but instead to being between homes with all of my belongings shoved into my boyfriend's room. Not only that, but I am officially utterly and completely broke. I am a person very much reliant upon routine; grocery shopping late Sunday night, making the same meals each week, biking to the gym Mondays and Tuesdays. The situation I am in has forced me to abandon all hopes of sewing, setting my hair (or looking halfway decent at all really), cooking halfway healthy meals, or really relaxing at all. If it weren't for work I would have run screaming to my parents house. Keeping myself from losing it completely, I have the following to look forward to:

- Getting paid on Friday
- Moving into a new house where I can start over again, and hopefully have a nice, organized room free of clutter
- Some ALONE time
- Shopping, of any sort.

Hm, now that I think about it, that list is kind of pathetic...and dwarfed by the list of things currently terrifying me, including working the night of moving day, running out of money, applying to grad school, the hardcore punk show taking place tomorrow night in and around all of my belongings, the shoes I sold on ebay which seem to have completely disappeared compliments of the United States Postal Service.....

I digress.

I have neglected to mention that my vacation was fun, minus the drama of a house full of 15 people in their 20's. Once I have unpacked my camera cord, I'll tell you all about it.

Well, I hadn't intended this post to be a rant about how horrible everything is. It really isn't that bad; I just needed to get it off of my chest.

Really, I feel much better now.