Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I love clothes, but they don't love me back

Fall is my absolute favorite season. All of my best childhood memories take place in fall; from elementary school trips to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch to my very favorite holiday, Halloween. All this blogging about fall fashion wish lists has me quite excited, but also quite frustrated.

I am the worst girl I know at finding clothes.

I have always been oddly proportioned, but the weight I've gained this past year has brought me down to an all-time low self-esteem wise. I have a very long torso, so I can't find shirts long enough, and when I wear jeans I spill over the top with no shirt to cover it! None of my clothes seem to fit right, and when I shop I can't seem to find any either. The summertime, in a way, is easier for me because my temporary solution has been to simply wear dresses. Unfortunately, when I'm not done up in vintage wear, I'm very much a jeans girl, so I haven't felt comfortable in clothing (or my skin for that matter) in quite a while now. And so, I dedicate this post to all tall women who have a hard time finding clothes. I'm trying to develop a plan to find clothes that are flattering to me. So far, I've been on the lookout for very long shirts that don't hug the body, but also don't hang like a baby-doll top so that I look pregnant underneath. This has proved to be quite the daunting and difficult task! Second, I'm searching for warm, opaque colored tights so that I can continue to wear dresses and higher-waisted skirts. If anyone has any advice for me, I'd love to hear it!

L.A. Lacer Top at ModCloth
Opaque Tights at Urban Outfitters
Hey, Sailor Ladies Top at emandsprout's etsy

So that's my strategy...Now, just have to wait until my student loans come in so I can afford new clothes...



  1. Fall shopping can be so much fun!! My advice is to love your body whatever condition it may be in - its the only one we have. Make goals in your life, but don't get down when you don't accomplish every one of them. Hope this helps - have fun shopping. Love the sailor top!

  2. I'm also "blessed" with a longer than normal torso... high-waisted pants never actually reach my waist. I'm also not at all the body type that is in fashion at the moment, which is one of the reasons I love my vintage clothes, because women in the 40s and 50s had curves! My only suggestion is to see if any era seems to work best for you... they had to deal with fall and winter back then too!


  3. Keep experimenting till you find YOUR look...Don't go for some one else's...

  4. Oh, my dear, I'm sorry to hear about your fashion woes. I can relate, I have many of my own. I'm petite, have a fairly short torso, a short inseam and oodles of curves. Often I have the opposite problem from what you described, shirts are too long on me and thus I have to either tuck them in (not always a bad thing, by any means) or leave them on the racks.

    Last week I was at Forever 21 and tried on a ton of shirts (trying to find a couple affordable tops for the "in between seasons" weather that September usually brings with it) which were miles to long for me in the torso. Perhaps some of their pieces (which sometimes have a vintage vibe) could work for you.

    In terms of lovely tights Hue (http://www.hue.com/) has great options (they're often used in magazine spreads), but I got some nice ones at Ardene (http://www.ardene.com/LanguageSelection.cfm) recently for at least half the price (when you factor in the exchange rate) recently in black and dark green ($5 Cnd a pair, which at that price I'm fine with if they only see me through one season).

    I hope you're able to find some great pieces that work for you, sweetie!

    Oodles of hugs & understanding,
    ♥ Jessica