Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Ones That Got Away...

Since the weather's been getting cooler, I've been on the lookout for some flats that would go well with a skirt and tights. As much as I'm attached to my falling apart and smelly slip-on vans...I think I should probably try to expand my shoe collection (which currently consists of three pairs...) as my next "trying to be more girly" goal. My favorite shoes right now are t-strap flats and oxford flats. I'm very picky, especially regarding oxford flats, because they seem to be becoming "trendy" lately (Going to a university makes you loathe of all things 'hipster'). I'm looking for vintage ones, all worn in and soft, probably all black or grey.
PURE DKNY Bindi-T Strap Bone Flats
Available: ????

I saw these on ebay a little while ago. They were selling buy it now for 45$, and unbeknown est to me, they go for 135$. Of course, I had about 50 cents in my bank account at the time. Now that I've searched everywhere for these things, I'm kicking myself for not sucking it up and pulling out the credit card...

Top Left: My So Called Brogues $39.99 at Modcloth (Mostly because the name made me literally crack up; I'm way too tall to wear heels =( )

Top Right: Vintage Red Oxford Jazz Flats $24 at darlingvintage's etsy

Middle Right: vintage PINHOLE and CORSET Oxford Wedges $42 ar DearGoldenVintage's etsy

Bottom Left: Suedette Grey Bow Pump £25.00 at Miss Selfridge

Bottom Right: Pink Duchess America Black Vegan Leather Lace It Up $24 at Lulu's

Middle Right: vintage PINHOLE and CORSET Oxford Wedges $42 ar DearGoldenVintage's etsy


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick Outfit Post

Skirt: A dress from forever 21 that I wore constantly in high school. it didn't fit right anymore so I made it into a skirt.
Shirt: White undershirt from Wal-Mart
Sunglasses: Modcloth

Cheapest outfit ever! Unfortunately, this is the most "retro" I've looked so far this school year. Still waiting on my student loan so I can go clothes shopping!