Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Act of Permanence

I got my first tattoo last August, and I've been dying to get a second one ever since. I've recently become set on what I want my next one to be, and I'm very excited about it, even though I can't even close to afford it. I love old school tattoos, but I always try and do something somewhat original. I drew my first tattoo, but I'm not very artistically talented. I've recently been inspired by 1940's era ocean liners, and stories about ships like the titanic. There is something so romantic about traveling across the Atlantic on a majestic, towering ship. So, here goes: I want a tattoo of an ocean liner on my side, probably about 3" x 3". I feel as though a side profile would look kind of odd, so after much pondering, I have decided that it should be the front hull of the ship, but at a slight angle so you can see a bit of the side. The outline would be very dark black in the traditional old-school style, with black shading. I'd want a bit of color, so a red stripe across the side of the ship and a little blue on the tips of a few waves crashing against the hull would be in order. I haven't yet decided whether I want a border around it (like a fancy picture frame)

What do you think?


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