Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else but Me)

Summer has officially begun, and so far all I've done is work and sit around, miserable, in my non-air conditioned house. I absolutely love the outdoors; hiking, camping, picnicking, swimming in rivers and lakes. I now have a fresh resolve to enjoy the summer while it lasts. Just to prove it, I'll make sure and post some evidence of my forthcoming adventures. Right now I would love to enjoy a cool breeze before the sun goes down, having a romantic picnic with the bf.

Top Left: Lucy Brooks
Bottom Left: Strawberry Koi
Top Right: Bordons
Bottom Right: Anna Verlet
Bottom Center: Mine

I just gave in and bought a pretty pretty dress from one of my favorite etsy shops, Vintage Takeout.

I can see myself wearing this on a romantic picnic with pincurls and perhaps some white t-strap heels.

To Summer!


  1. Beautiful dress...Don't forget to let us see you in it

  2. I can just see that dress at a picnic - very darling. I have to remind myself to get outdoors and enjoy the weather.